October 28: Evoco Artist Blender with Midori

In these challenging times, it is more important than ever that we come together to focus on beauty, collaboration, community, & creativity.

To this end, please come join us at Euridice Gallery for a evening of art, healing, and creation with the internationally known artist, educator and shibari performer, Midori.

In her ongoing project of physicalizing moments of irrational beauty and creating artifacts in the process of memory formation, Midori will be sculpting live models and present volunteers using rope, flora, paint, and a variety of other medium, transforming individuals into artifacts of fleeting, spontaneous beauty.

Attend as a member of the audience to indulge in creative voyeurism, or volunteer as a participant to become a part of the sensual tableau.

After the performance, there will be a special after party in the Inferno, located in the lower level of the gallery. Indulge your desires in a safe and consensual play space.

Learn more about the event, and purchase tickets here.

Euridice Gallery is a private, elegantly-minded art space located in the heart of Brooklyn. Euridice consists of two dramatically contrasting studio spaces: Elysium on the upper floor, and Infernum below. It offers a sex-positive, educational exhibit event space, whose founders proudly support alternative, queer, and fetish art. Euridice takes pride in presenting the strange, the taboo-bending, the eye-opening and the unusual. In addition to the unique gallery space, Euridice offers classes, practice and performance space for the shibari / kinbaku art form.

Learn more about our location, upcoming events, and space opportunities at www.euridicegallery.com.

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