Broken Books


One’s computer should never do this.

But if it were to do so, the best place to get it remedied is the Apple shop in Grand Central. Over the din of hysterical, frantic computer users trying to salvage their files, you have the luxury to gaze out over one of the last vestiges of great architectural majesty that has endured the test of time and innovation…


The ceiling in Grand Central is one of my favorite things in the city. I love it’s color – how it hovers in some elusive place between green and blue, yet somehow it is not teal. I love the celestial and astrological figures painted in thin, serpentine, golden lines across its surface, so faint almost to be imperceptible if one does not look closely. I love the depiction of Pisces: two fish tangled together in a starry umbilical cord, wriggling to free themselves and depart in two different directions. Capricorn, idly watching their efforts, reclined and keeping congress with a bee. How hulking Aquarius pours his pitcher of water eternally upon one of the vaulted gilt windows. How a Pegasus can be found randomly springing out of a cumulus cloud, with the same look of surprise as my own to see him up there.


I also love the market, offering every conceivable food an individual would fancy eating, a veritable melting pot as diverse as the city itself. Oysters next to french chocolates next to sopressata next to ramen next to cupcakes, all living together in sumptuous culinary harmony.


If one must suffer through your futuristic machine breaking, there is no better place to take it than into the past.


They even managed to fix it the same day.

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